The History of Bowers Envelope Company


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Bowers Envelope Company was founded in 1928.
The company was built with a keen desire to produce the best-quality envelopes and provide the best service available to customers in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities.
The Great Depression hit the country only a few years after founding the company. But the founder, Clyde A. Bowers, persevered by selling envelopes during the day and manufacturing them at night for delivery the next day.
After making the deliveries, he would sell more envelopes to manufacture that night.
Bowers Envelope Company survived the Depression through hard work and determination of its founders and employees.
Today, the company's commitment to reliability and versatility has allowed us to serve a diverse customer base all over the United States.  

From the mailroom to the mailbox Bowers Envelope has the products and solutions you need. Call us today for your perfect packaging!

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