RFID ProteXion Sleeves

Are you at Risk of Identity Theft?

RFID ProteXion Envelopes

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How it Works
ProteXion sleeves are specially designed to protect your passport and payment cards from unwanted RFID scanning, offering you unparalleled identity theft protection.

Reliable Protection
RFID barrier is undetectable and embedded in our patented material.

Cost Effective
Protect your whole family for the price of a movie ticket.

Discreet Function
Sleeves will not trigger metal detectors from your pocket.

Sleek Design
Made from PaperTyger® DefenderTM patented resistant material which is 4-times thinner than any other product available & lightweight for ease of use.



  • Protects from identity theft.
  • Durable, made to stand up over time.
  • Convenience and accommodating.
  • No special inks or set up needed.

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